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The Olmec agriculture help to the civilization to grow and they improve thing to help them farm. The Olmec culture was around 1200-400 BC. They also fish in the most closers rivers and lakes they catch alligators, clams, and many fishes. Their culture was something important to the Olmecs, it was for their gods and the civilization. Some of the main food they cultivate are maize, squash, sweet potato, etc. When they have some natural changes the civilization and their cultures die. Mostly of the civilization likes to have a healthy diet.
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The Maya government was always the kings. In every state there was a king, the Mayans believe that kings were chosen by the gods to ruled there states. The Mayans believed that kings were working for gods and citizens.

The position for the kings is always by the oldest son, if it wasn't a son then it will be the oldest brother of the king, also not mostly but there were few women rulers.

If someone was found with guilty of a crime, they were a punishment often and even more if it was a noble.

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Aztecs they have a lot of gods. In there religion they have there own gods that are more powerful than others or more important, for them gods is the most sacred in there religion and culture. The most important gods for them the the God of the Sun, they made rituals, sacrifices to the sun in order for the sun to rise every day. Some of the important gods in the religion of the aztecs was Huitzilopochtli, Tlaloc, Quetzalcoatl, Tezcatlipoca, Chicomecoatl, etc.
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In Measoamrica in the pre-Columbian, Teotihuacan was the largest place. Teotihuacan means place of gods and they have more than 100 BC to 700 AD. The Pyramid of the Sun is the most important structure. They believe than they live 200,000 people in Teotihuacan ancient.

Mixtecs-language, codices, and artwork:

The Mixtec language there wasn't a exact number of their language but some of them are Cuicatec and Triqui. Mixtecs are well know by the codices. One of the most famous stories codices is the Lord Eight Deer. The Jaguar Paw, was born and its history is related to several codices. He conquered and united most of the Mixteca region. They were also known for his exceptional mastery of jewelry in gold and turquoise prominent figure. Mixtec products was a major part of Mixtec tribute.
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