My Favorite Vacation

Our adventures at Seaside, Florida

My Favorite Vacaton

My Favorite Vacation My favorite vacation was Seaside, Fl. It was an astonishing 14 hour drive… well more agonizing than astonishing at times. That also made getting feel so much better. The first thing we did when we got there was sleep. Meanwhile my little brother, Tyler, was bugging my parents about going to the beach during a long catnap. After a sleepless “nap” we were off to the beach. As soon Maddie and I got there we were off to the water to mess around in the waves. Not long after we met up with The Beals some family friends of ours.We decided to go eat at P.F. Changs with the Beals. When we finally got there we got fried green beans and sat and talked and talked. After dinner we went Go Karting. It was Maddie, Avery, and I at the starting line “beep” and we were off luckily enough for me I had the fastest car. My mom was racing with us and was hot on my tail not about to give up. Just then I was rear ended and spun out. I recovered quickly enough but still not fast enough for first. I sadly took second but I was also a little shocked at my mom’s competiveness. When we got back to the condo we grabbed nets, flashlights and of course a big bucket to carry our crabs in. Then we went down to the beach to crab hunt. When we were there the moon was full and the crabs were plentiful. We caught 18 huge crabs and 12 small ones. Then something unusual happened. When you shuffled your feet the sand seemed to glow a baby blue color but really it was just some kind of microscopic organism. Man I sure will miss boogie boarding and go karting and all the other awesome things we got to do. Florida, even with its ups and downs will always be my favorite.


I love the beach beacuse the waves and ocean and everything else!

The most relaxing and fun place ever!

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