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Welcome to Fruity Kitchen. We sell Powerups and Kafruities. Powerups are chocolate bars with fruit juice inside except the chocolate is made out of nothing but melted chocolate chips and blended up fruit put together. When you bite into it fruit juice starts to pour out. Because it tastes so good, you will want it everyday. It's only 3.00 dollars for 2 bars or 1.50 for 1 bar. Kafruities are these round candies that have different fruity flavors. We have sour kafruities with your choice of fruit. They're only 2.00 dollars for 12 berries and 1.00 for 5 berries. Come by Fruity Kitchen to enjoy the best candy in town.

Here Are The Items We Sell!

Were Hiring!

Were open Monday-Friday from 8:00-6:00. We need cooks, packers, cashiers, and waiters. Every Employee gets paid 5 dollars an hour. Applacations are available at Fruity Kitchen.