Epidemic in 1832!!!!!

Has it effected you yet?

Cholera is caused by the bacteria Vibrio Cholerae. This bacteria releases a toxin into the intestines that excessively increases the release of water from cells, causing severe diarrhea. This disease is spreading like wild fire, putting people in their death beds.

We are looking into this virus..

Try to stay away from contaminated water. We don't know what is causing this sudden out-break but it looks like it is very contagious so be aware. Try to stay hydrated and away from the sick. There has been many reports of people obtaining this disease that is killing people nonstop. If need be a Physician will be appointed to the sick.

What are the symptoms of Cholera?

Cholera can consist of many symptoms such as Abdominal cramps, dry mouth, dry skin, excessive thirst, glossy or sunken eyes, lethargy, low urine output, nausea, rapid dehydration, rapid pulse, unusual sleepiness, vomiting, and watery diarrhea that has a fishy odor at first. The main symptom of Cholera is diarrhea. If you find yourself having any of these symptoms look into consulting a doctor or medical attention.