2P "Team Badger" Newsletter

October 26 - November 13, 2015


  • Conferences! Thank you to everyone who came out to meet with us. We enjoyed talking with you and sharing your child's accomplishments and goals!
  • Occupational Therapy! We had a visit in the classroom from Mrs. Theresa Feron, TJS' OT specialist. She shared with us how we can increase our core strength while practicing our spelling words. Look for "Ball Crawl" as a new option next week!
  • PTO Cultural Arts Assembly - Meet the Beat! This past Monday we enjoyed a presentation from the Garden State Percussion Group. We heard lots of cool drum rhythms and learned about the different percussion instruments.
  • We are Thankful! We brainstormed all the many reasons that we are thankful and wrote them on hand-traced turkeys. We are thankful for our families, homes, Earth, friends, and pets.. among many other things!
  • The Power of Yet! This is a Sesame Street video featuring Janelle Monae. She sings about the need to have faith in yourself and that while you may not know how to do something YET, you will soon! It just takes a little hard work. To reinforce this message in the classroom, we also colored giant letters that spell out "YET!" that will be hung in our classroom where "Happy Thoughts" resided. It is meant to be a reminder to have faith, be kind to ourselves when things get difficult, and keep trying!! See video link below.
Sesame Street: Janelle Monae - Power of Yet

Reading Workshop

We are continuing to practice and build our reading skills. We spent the first couple months reading with the students one-on-one to get a personal sense of their reading skills and preferences. We are now meeting with students in small groups to work on various skills and strategies. These are an interactive, and important part of the Reading Workshop curriculum. Some of the new strategies that we've been practicing include: questioning, predicting, and visualizing. We have a class of very strong readers who are able to make interesting connections and observations!

The point of all of these exercises is to teach them that reading is an ACTIVE process! Whenever we read we need to be actively engaged with our book and thinking!

Writer's Workshop

We are in the final stages of publishing our second stories of the year! The students have worked hard to create an interesting and well crafted Small Moment story. They have edited their pieces both for punctuation, spelling and capital letters as well as to be sure that they are adding emotions, interesting words, and incorporating their senses into their stories. We will be having our second Writer's Celebration next week! We are SO proud of all their hard work!

The next unit in Reading and Writing will incorporate Fairy Tales!


We are working hard in our 3rd unit - Subtraction with ReGrouping. This is a challenging chapter! To boost our confidence we watched "The Power of Yet" and emphasized that learning takes patience and perseverance. We have faith in them and we want them to have faith in themselves! They are getting more confident each day! We've been taking it slowly and letting them learn through the Math-in-Focus process - solving problems using concrete materials (base-10 blocks), drawing the base-10 blocks (pictorial), and then using a combination of numbers and drawings (abstract). As they get more comfortable with the process and their math facts, the drawings will become less necessary. It's exciting to see them work so hard and feel so proud when they have their "aha!" moment. :)


We are continuing our exploration of weather! We have learned about Sir Francis Beaufort, the Irish naval officer who developed the Beaufort Wind Scale to measure the varying degrees of wind. We discussed what creates wind and the students even created their own illustrated versions of the scale. These posters will be hanging along the wall near the blue ramp.

We are also learning about the different types of clouds - cirrus, stratus, cumulus, nimbostratus, and cumulonimbus. We discussed evaporation and the role it plays in cloud formation. We will be creating our own versions of these clouds to accompany the Beaufort Scale display.

Beaufort scale
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Teaching Team

Suzanne Pelkey (Classroom Teacher), Carolyn Rommeihs (Special Education Teacher), and Doreen Patrone (Teaching Assistant)