The Most Dangerous Game

By Allison, Caitlin, and Ashley


The point of view in "The Most Dangerous Game" is third person limited. It is third person limited because the narrator is telling the story the way Rainsford sees the situations. Also the pronouns used are, he, she, it, and they.


Two men, Whitney and Rainsford are on a yacht heading to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They are going there to hunt. Then Rainsford falls into the ocean because some gunshots had startled him. Whitney had already turned in for the night and there was no one to help him. The yacht sped away, and Rainsford was alone. He swam towards the source of the gunshots and found an island. He falls asleep for the night. The next morning he sees human footprints and follows them to find a house. He meets the man who lives there and he is a large man and invites him inside. They talk about hunting and the man, General Zaroff, says he got bored of hunting animals and needed something more exciting. He hunts men... Then he realizes he will be hunted down by General Zaroff. He gets three days to try and stay alive. He goes into the jungle and gets a head start and climbs a tree. Zaroff is easily able to find Rainsford but leaves without harming him. Rainsford panics and later has a few more encounters with Zaroff. He manages to kill Zaroff's prized dog, and Ivan, Zaroff's servant. Lastly, Rainsford dives off a cliff into the ocean. Zaroff returns home to find Rainsford hiding under the bed. Zaroff had been defeated. Then Rainsford challenges Zaroff to one more final duel. Zaroff accepts and says whoever loses shall be fed to the dogs and the winner would be able to sleep in the bed. The ending is abrupt with Rainsford saying he had never slept in a better bed. Zaroff had lost the duel.

Story Critique

We think the story was well executed. We enjoyed the excitement throughout the story. The plot chart for the story was used well, especially the rising action, the climax, and conclusion. We also liked how the ending was so abrupt and sudden. It was hard to believe some of the things that took place during the story. Those are some things we enjoyed about the story.

Literary Devices

Simile- "Tomorrow you'll feel like a new man, I'll wager." Pg. 9

Metaphor- "Then he felt an impulse to cry aloud with joy, for he heard the sharp crackle of the breaking branches as the cover of the pit gave way; he heard the sharp scream of pain as the pointed stakes found their mark." Pg. 13

Personification- "Twenty feet below him, the sea rumbled and hissed." Pg. 14

Main Characters

One of the main characters in "The Most Dangerous Game" is Sanger Rainsford. He is an intelligent and brave man. He is able to face any intrusions that come his way! He is also calm and composed through and situation. He is also a big game hunter. Another main character is General Zaroff. Zaroff seems to think of himself as a god, being able to breeze through life. He hunts men for amusement. He is a big man with a small heart and is nothing close to being part of humanity. One last main character would have to be Whitney. Whitney is Rainsford's big game hunting partner. He was only in a portion of the story when they were on the yacht. He and Rainsford are going to Rio de Janeiro to hunt. Those were the three main characters of the story.
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