Apps for Mobile Learning

Learning in a K-12 Setting

Learn at any time, any place, at any pace!

Technology makes learning easier with its increased convenience and usability. mLearning (mobile learning) is vastly growing and introduced to more and more classrooms.

I've picked out some of the apps I'd like to use in my classroom. The criteria I used for my app search was:

1. Compatible on more than one operating system, as not all students use the same types of devices, or they may want to access it from multiple places. I focused on Android and iOS although there are some apps listed here that have wider compatibility.

2. Free to use. This provides access for all students and prevents marginalizing those who can't afford the cost.

3. Engaging to students. They won't want to use an app if they think it's boring!

Check out my picks below!

Apps for Learning Mandarin Chinese


Learning Chinese can be hard - really hard. It can also be frustrating. ChineseSkill is great for beginner Mandarin Chinese students. It has a game based curriculum that is optimized for your level. It helps with listening, speaking, reading, and writing Mandarin Chinese in both simplified and traditional Chinese. The app allows students to learn at their own pace, and teachers can use it as a supplementary resource.

ChineseSkill has additional offshoot apps that targets specific areas that students may need more help in.

Recommended Age Range: Junior High+

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Offline Use: Yes

ChineseSkill - The Most Effective Chinese Learning App

Learn Chinese - HelloChinese

Similar to ChineseSkill, HelloChinese is a useful tool for beginner Mandarin Chinese learners. It focuses on helping students move from a beginner level to a conversational level (HKS Level 3). It also uses a game-based curriculum and has a speech recognition system to correct pronunciation. This app improves Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Recommended Age Range: Junior High+

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Offline Use: Yes

HelloChinese - Learn Chinese Mandarin with the Best Duolingo Style App

Monki Chinese Class

Monki Chinese Class is a fun way to learn how to write basic Chinese characters. It illustrates and animates characters and imbues it with quirky sounds to help memorization. It provides 3 levels of difficulty and 3 levels of tracing speeds. The only drawback is its limited database of words, however, it is great for students to learn how characters were derived.

Recommended Age Range: Elementary

Compatibility: Android, iOS, kindle fire

Offline Use: No

Monki Chinese Class: Chinese for Children 8+ years old - FREE APP

Apps for General Knowledge and Learning

Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides learning at your fingertips, with videos and in-depth articles in a variety of subjects (like Math, Science, Humanities, etc.). This app allows students to search for their topic of choice with an easy to use search function. Students can pick up where they left off by syncing to their account and even learn offline by bookmarking favourite content.

Recommended Age Range: High School+

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Offline Use: Yes

You Can Learn Anything


Lumosity engages the brain by presenting it with over 25 cognitive games. Users can enroll into a daily training program to keep the brain running at maximum capacity. The games are developed to change with each user's unique performances and trains memory, attention and more! Lumosity may not necessarily be used as classroom content, but it is a fun way to encourage students to use their minds. They can track scores and progress through the account so they can find out which areas they can improve.

Recommended Age Range: High School+

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Offline Use: No - Fit Test (30s)

Apps for Classroom Management


Remind is an app that lets teachers communicate with students and parents. Teachers are able to send quick updates on class, questions, comments and more! Students and parents then receive these notifications by text, through the app, on the web, or by email. This is done in a free, safe, and simple way. Instructors can save time by contacting the whole class, or they can choose to reach individuals or small groups for private conversations. All of this can be done without sharing personal phone numbers.

Recommended Age Range: Junior High+

Compatibility: Android, iOS, web

Offline Use: No

How does Remind work?


Geared towards younger students, ClassDojo is a nifty little app that allows teachers to help manage their classroom and provides a way for parent communication. Teachers can use this app to encourage good behaviour and participation in class with a built in point system and positive feedback. Parents can track how their child is doing in real-time, and chat with teachers easily and safely. Students are able to customize their Dojo avatars when they create their own accounts and check how they're doing in class. It is available on any device, and it syncs seamlessly across all of them in real time as well! If an user ever runs into trouble, there is a ClassDojo Support Team available and ready to help at any time.

Recommended Age Range: Elementary

Compatibility: Android, iOS, SMARTboards, Web

Offline Use: No

Student Introduction to ClassDojo

Apps for Student Organization


Got a student that needs a little help tracking down all his due dates and tasks? myHomework is an awesome app that helps students keep organized. It allows users to personalize their homework organizer/student planner so that it can help prioritize tasks. Other cool functions include a class schedule and homework calendar. The best thing about this app is that it's offered on a wide range of devices so students can easily stay on top of things.

Teachers can access to quickly share class information with students who join their class in myHomework. Unfortunately, is only provided in iOS format. myHomework also offers schools discounts when they purchase in bulk so students and teachers can receive the app ad-free with file attachments, enhanced app widgets, etc.

Recommended Age Range: Junior high+

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Chrome, kindle fire, Web

Offline Use: No

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