Charming Owls

September 2013

Boosting Your Sales...

Take Out Parties

What is a Take Out Party? An organized, professional way to have a very successful catalog/virtual party.

How do you do it? You will send a Take Out Party Kit to your hostess. This kit will include everything the hostess needs to have a successful party including: order forms, take out menus, business cards, pens, a couple sample necklaces and a return address label. I would also include: letter to hostess, designer opportunity flyer, hostess rewards and the check six game. (If you are not comfortable sending a couple necklaces to the hostess, you could get a credit card number from the hostess and tell them that if the items are not returned by “x” date, their card will be charged for the amount of ­­___.)

Where do you find a hostess for this? The possibilities are endless! However, I would not generically post this on your FB page. I think you will have the best luck with this when you personally contact a potential hostess. This is the perfect way for you to spread your name and team across the nation! There is no limit to where your hostess can be located. Tip to Finding More Hostesses: When someone “likes” or comments on a photo on your Facebook page, shoot them a private message that says something like, “ I noticed you “liked” one of my Origami Owl photos. You can earn your own beautiful locket & much more for FREE by hosting a “Take Out Party” with me. It’s so much fun and pain free! I’ll send you a Take Out Party kit complete with locket samples, catalogs, order forms and return address label to send the kit back when your party closes. I’ve attached a document to show you exactly how it works. I’ve also attached our amazing hostess rewards so you can see the crazy amount of jewelry that you can earn for FREE! :-) I look forward to hearing from you! Have a wonderful day!”

This photo was graciously created & shared by Paris Paull.

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The Waiting List is GONE!

So... NOW is the time to build your team! You have the PERFECT opportunity to build a great team and educate them before the holiday season. Many people will struggle with their finances during the holidays and you have the ticket to help alleviate their financial stresses this season.

Share the Origami Owl business opportunity with everyone you can because you never know who is in need of some fun in their life, rent money, a credit card payment, a social life, the possibility of being a stay-at-home mom, the opportunity to be a force for good, etc...

Origami Owl has opened doors for many of us! This can be anything from helping you build confidence, speak in front of a group, buy a new iPad, take a vacation, start a savings account, make new friends... What's Your Story? What has Origami Owl allowed you to do or achieve? How has Origami Owl positively influenced your life? Big or Small... I want to hear about it! EMAIL ME OR PM ME ON FACEBOOK with your story and you will be entered to win a special gift from me :-) All submissions must be received by September 25.