Español 1 - Unidad 3

Señorita Forrest

La casa

In Unit 3, we are talking about houses! Students will be able to tell their address and phone number in Spanish and describe their house and the rooms in their house.

Housing in Costa Rica looks a little different than it does here in NC. Check out the presentation below to learn more!

Assignments, Grades, and Deadlines

Week 3 - 7/4-7/8:
  • Students complete Unit 3.

Last week was week 2:
  • Students should have completed Unit 2.
  • Students should have completed their first project - the Unit 1/2 project.
  • Projects must include audio. Tips/Recommendations and a sample were provided in the announcements.

Check out the Schedule of Assignments to find this info!

Being on pace becomes more important every week! Here's why:
  • We complete 1 unit per week.
  • There are 8 weeks and 8 units, plus the final exam and project.
  • Since week 8 is the last week of the course, students must complete both Unit 8 AND the final exam/project.
  • In preparation for the final exam/project, all assignments (Getting Started and Units 1-8) will CLOSE PERMANENTLY on Wednesday, August 10 @ 11:59pm. Any assignments still missing at that time will earn 0s that cannot be made up!
  • That means that if students are exactly on pace, they only have 3 days to complete Unit 8!
  • It would be BEST to be AHEAD OF PACE moving in to weeks 7 and 8.
  • The final exam/project will be due by Friday, August 12 @ 11:59pm. If they are not completed and turned in (working links turned in for the project!) by that time, they will earn 0s.

How do I check my student's grades?

Check out the video below to walk you through how you can check your student's grades at any time by having him/her log in to the course. It's so simple!
  • Student logs in.
  • Enter the course.
  • Click on Grades on the left.
  • Be sure "All Grading Periods" is selected at the top.
  • I recommend choosing "Arrange by Module" towards the middle.
  • The student's average is on the far right next to the word "Total".
  • You can read feedback by clicking on the little comment icon.

Check out the image below to see what it looks like.

Big image

Peer Tutoring

The Peer Tutoring Center is a great resource for students that need a little extra support! Check out their site HERE to see the many services they offer, including:
  • Quick Questions (through Upswing)
  • Virtual Buddy
  • Blog w/ Success tips

Academic Integrity

Just as a reminder for everyone, this is the Academic Integrity Policy for Spanish courses:

1) NCVPS World Language Golden Rule: Students are to use the material (vocabulary, structures, verb tenses, grammar concepts, etc.) in/from the course to do *their own* work when completing ALL assignments.
2) Students are NOT to use any of the following to translate word-for-word, phrases, and/or sentences:
  • online translator
  • native speaker, another student/person (including tutors)
  • other websites
  • other books, guides, dictionaries

3) When in doubt... if students have questions... if they don’t understand something... they should ASK THE TEACHER!

Remind your students that in Spanish 1, they simply cannot say everything in Spanish that they can say in English, and that's perfectly fine!

Their primary goal should always be to show off their mastery of the words in our vocab lists, even if that means what they write/say isn't 100% accurate for their real life.