Surviving English 9

Freshman Year


Hello I am Jury Mackey, and welcome to English 9. You need to be respectful to Mrs. Allen at all times. Get ready to read because you get short stories, independent reading, and in class reading. Keep your binder very organized and finish all of your papers, because you will get a binder check every nine weeks. Keep all of your papers to study off of and to get full credit on the binder checks.

Four of the things you will be doing in English 9

You will be reading The Hunger Games on your very own school owned Kindle! This was a class favorite. Katniss and Peeta are epic. Haymitch is a drunk, and Effie is a big help. You will study Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. The extremely famous star cross'd lovers. Is is very hard to read, but fun. You will like it a lot. Then there is Monster, a court case that you get to decide if Steve is guilty or not guilty. Steve was part of a store robbery gone bad. He has very ignorant, deceitful friends. My favorite is The Odyssey by Homer, a blind, illiterate writer. The Iliad is about Achilles and the Trojan War. The Odyssey is an epic, with an adventurous journey, and Gods and Goddesses. Odysseus is the main character. He has to go through test to get home.

Independent Reading & Book Talks

If you like reading you will really excel in Mrs. Allen's English Nine. You have to read, do sticky notes, and do a full explanation of the book. You get to pick any book of your choice in the genre you are learning. Make sure you read it on time, and the whole way through.

My Favorite

I liked watching the movies and comparing them to the books. We get to watch the movies after we read the books. I compare the portrayal of the movie to the book.

My Not so Favorite

I disliked all of the binder checks because I struggle to stay organized. In all of your classes you will get papers three out of every four times. Make sure that you stay organized to maintain a good grade.

My Words of Wisdom

As soon as you get a paper put it in your binder. Pay attention at all times. Listen to all instructions. Keep all of your papers. Most of all have fun.

5 Ways to Stay Organized

Keep all of your papers in a binder. Number all of your papers. Put dates on all of your papers. Do not throw away any of your papers. Buy a pack of 5 dividers.

Theodore Roosevelt

Believe you can and you're halfway there.