Barksdale Book Club Meeting

Join us this Thursday!

Book Club Meeting Reminder:


Just a reminder about our next Book Club meeting on THURSDAY, APRIL 28th. Don’t forget to please send a note to your child's teacher to let them know that your student will be attending the meeting. You will also need to provide a snack, if needed.

Each Book Club member should have read and completed the book JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH by Roald Dahl before our meeting. Please click on the Book Club Review Google Form link below in this email for the students to fill out their review of the book. They will need to complete this before our meeting so that we will be able to discuss their thoughts about the book.

At the meeting, students will also need to return their copy of the book, as well as their Book Club Member bookmark, so that we can have all materials returned before the end of the school year.. This will be the final book we will read together, so we will working to make sure all records are clear for the summer!

I am looking forward to seeing all of our students this Thursday!

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Mrs. Edwards

Agenda for Meeting

2:45 Snack

2:55 Attendance and Announcements

3:00 Discussion

3:15 Book Review Time

3:25 Book Activities

3:40 Cleanup

3:45 Dismissal