Life Before the Constitution

By Grace Fay


I am a Shoemaker in Manchester, New Hampshire. My life is really difficult because I had to go in debt for $50 and the person I am borrowing money from is threatening me to pay back the money and if I don't pay it back immediately I will be sent to jail and i will be unable to work to pay back the money. And who knows when I could be let out of jail. I hate the articles of confederation because there is less money available now. I have heard that there will be a constitution written to replace the articles of confederation. I am concerned of how the government will be handling this new constitution.

Southern planter

I am a tobacco planter in Virginia. My family owns 30 African american slaves. My family is very wealthy, however, my wealth will depend on my slaves. From time to time one of my slaves will run away, and I will hire a slave catcher to bring it back. Business has been in confusion and bankers are reluctant to lend anyone any money. During the revolution, you sold supplies to the federal government and were paid in government bonds by congress. I want the debts paid back in good money.

Enslaved African American

I am an enslaved African american and my whole family is in slavery. I live in Virginia. In the declaration of independence it says that all men are created equal. Just because our skin is black and we are a slave and still remain a slave