Lauren Baerlin


About Me Growing Up

I am 18 years old, grew up in Livonia Michingan, and graduated from Franklin High School. I use to love to dance and was in ballet for six years before I got invloved with music. I swam for four years until the outdoor pool that I spent my summers at closed. I also played soccer for a year, however, did not go further than a year because marching band conflicted.

I have a brother that is two years older than I am. He attends Albion college and is Majoring in Biology and wants to go on to graduate school to become a doctor. My brother is the reason why I decided to play flute because he started to play flute before I did an I liked the instrument.

Important Information

An important thing to know and understand about me is that I have a learning disorder. It is called CAPD and it affects my hearing and memory skills. I am also dyslexic. My hearing disorder does not affect pitch but it does clearity and volume. I am not severely dyslexic but it does affect my reading comprehention and sight reading music. I have found ways to work around the learning disorders the best that I can, However, it is improtant to understand this about me.

Music Past

First Starting

Oddly when I was little I did not like listening to music. Strange, I know, because I am going into music education. I had a hard time understanding what people were singing because of my hearing disorder and it took me a while to understand how music worked. When I started the sixth grade we were starting to learn how to play instruments im muisic class. I was not too excited for this. I always had a tough time reading and reading music scared me. When I started to play the flute everything just changed for me. I have always been a quite person and muisc gave me an outlet to comunicate in a different way. All I wanted to do when I got home was practice the flute because it was one thing that I could work through and enjoy.

Blue Lake

When I continued music in middle school I was told about a music camp called Blue Lake. I went for two years and it was the first summer camp I ever went to.

Music in High School

I joined marching band my freshman year. It really helped me adjust to high school. We had four hour practices a day and on weekends it was either twelve hour practices or a long competition day. Marching band helped me keep organized and brought me a lot a friends and challenge me in music. I loved being apart of marching band so much that I tried out for drum major my sophomore year. The instructors selected me to lead the band and I went to DMA camp for two summers. This summer camp really changed my perspective on everything. I never experienced such great attitudes of other musicians. DMA not only helped me to develope leadership skills but also how to have a positive attitude towards everything.

Groups I Participated in

My senior year in high school I took four music classes.

- two concert band classes where I played flute, picc, and clarinet

- Jazz band where I played saxophone

- Womans chior

- and one semester of an independant study for music theory

-solo and ensemble


Out side of school:

-I took a few classes in trombone and French horn (brass is not my forte)

-Lessons for Piano and flute.

-solo and ensemble


Solo and Ensemble

My high school hosts solo and ensemble every year and it is the drum majors job to organize the school for the event. Since I was selected as drum major I had the opertunity to organize the event with other student help while also participating in solo and ensemble. As stressful as this job was I miss it this year. I am lucky to have had the opportunity to have worked solo and ensemble I learned a lot from the job.


MCP is a winter drum line that I played Vibes in my senior year. It was a challenging and fun ensemble. I joined because I wanted to expand my music knowlege into Percussion. I had planned to continue to be apart of this group until I aged out (21), however I could not go back this year.

Music Education

I am majoring in music education. I decided to major in this because I want music to be a part of my life everyday and I want to help others learn music as well. Music is an art that lets us communicate without words and I want to share that with others. Once, I helped teach an elementary student to play an instrument and saw that they felt accomplished and excited about learning. That moment made me want to share music with more students.