Good Things (& Reminders)

April 2015

Welcome Spring!

We have one last push to EOG's and then SUMMER! I can feel the waves already (o: In the meantime, check out the reminders and news stories below.

Instructional Highlight

Tracy Pope has been stepping outside her comfort zone this year and planning some amazing centers! She has 6 centers going on at a time (for 3 days)- and she is the only adult in the room! Check out how she does it- from planning to classroom management to grading- by clicking the link below. (the video is under 2 minutes)!

Calling all Teachers!

For the mornings of EOG’s, we don’t have announcements, but we would like to play some little videos from you guys to wish the students good luck. I would like EVERY teacher to participate! Please send me a video (from your smartphone or computer) with you saying good luck, offering advice (not tips)- whatever- by the beginning of May (let’s say May 8). You can do it with your partner teacher or alone! Dress up- be funny- be serious- be quick- just please participate! If I don’t receive yours by the end of April (or hear that your’e going to get it to me), I’ll come video you sometime in May (but then who knows how your hair will look or if you’ll be wearing a cute outfit, etc.) (o:

If you want to get really crazy and do a song or music video or choreographed dance I’ll be happy to film or help! Please don’t feel you have to be elaborate through- a video of you saying good luck and do your best is ok!

Math Wiki

Kourtney Clark approached me wanting her kids to make videos (specifically educreations) that would serve as tutorials for review this year or for future students, so her and I planned that, but then I thought a great way to organize them would be through a google site. Here is the the template with 4th Grade objectives and THEY create the site (using my template).

Then, students can use it as a wiki to post their video, tell about the objective in student friendly language, and add addition games/resources that would help someone to understand this objective.

She is having some of her high flyers work on it. I am pulling them for 2 days to get started- then they will work on it back in the classroom.

If you are interested in doing something similar, please let me know. We can sit down and come up with a plan. Also, you could consider starting this at the beginning of next year to make it an ongoing project. We could even collaborate with a MIS 5th/6th grade classroom (or classroom here at EAST) so it was collaborative and we got resources from them we may not use here!

Let me know if you are interested and we’ll schedule a time to sit down and plan out some dates and make the site applicable to your grade level!

Have you checked out my Symbaloos?

I have made some categories of web tools and have put links to them in a few different Symbaloos.... some are tools for you and some are tools for the kids! Check them out below!
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Get to know your colleagues...

The end of the year can be a crazy time, but you can relax a little this Friday at Brickhouse Tavern in Davidson. Come out and enjoy some afterwork fellowship as soon as the kiddos are gone!