Friday's Rewind

A look back, some time to reflect, and a look ahead

New Playground Coming In July

It was so great to visit each of your classrooms this week to share playground designs with students and get their feedback. We are very fortunate that the Montrose Lion's Club has generously raised $35,000 to support this project. If you have any ideas about how we can thank them for this, please let me know. In May, I will be inviting fellow Lion's Members to join us for an all-school assembly to reveal the playground that will be installed this summer. Thanks for allowing me to interrupt your day to meet with students!

@GoSphero's Arrived This Week

As many of you saw at our staff #geniushour this week, we have several @gosphero programmable robots being tested out and piloted by MES staff members. We are always looking for ways to provide opportunities for our students to be innovative, creative, and collaborative and these will be AWESOME tools in helping with this goal. If you have interest in testing one out, please let me know.
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#theMESway (Week of April 24th)

Another great week is in the books here at Montrose Elementary. Robots, earth day clean-up, google classroom, e-portfolios, and LOTS of reading and learning highlight this week's events!

Staff #Geniushour

Thanks to all of you for making our staff #geniushour such a valuable part of our professional development at MES. I have seen so many wonderful things being implemented into classrooms as a result of this time. #geniushour is off and running in several classrooms throughout the building, @gosphero robots are being tested as we determine which apps are best to support student learning, @getkahoot has started to make its ways into several classrooms this week, and the @seesaw app has been a hit in Kindergarten and first grade as students are sharing and recording their work for a broader audience. I am so excited to continue to watch each of you explore your passions so that we can improve learning opportunities for our students. Such an exciting time her at MES!

Counting Down Our Days

Counting the days until breaks or the last day of school, something that occurs by students and staff members in schools across the nation. As I reflect on this, the idea that students and staff across the country cannot wait for the school year to end is disheartening. If students don't want to be school, schools are already behind the eight ball in trying to help them learn. Schools need to provide an environment that students can't wait to be a part of, not one in which they can't wait to go home from. I like the meaning behind counting down the days until we miss our students (or they miss us) much better!
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A Look Ahead

Monday (4/27): MCA Testing Continues

Tuesday (4/28): Fourth Grade PLC (3:40)

Wednesday (4/29): Bus Evacuation Practice (8:30 am)

Third Grade PLC (3:40 pm)

Thursday (4/30): Second Grade PLC (7:45 am)

Friday (4/31): NONE

Happy Birthday next week to Anne (Sunday) and Tricia (Saturday)!