The Anasazi

People of the Mountains, Mesas, and Grasslands

Your Diary Entry Mission!

The Anasazi were a diverse people spread over multiple unique regions in the American Southwest (Arizona and New Mexico). These included Chaco Canyon, Mesa Verde, and Kayenta. But there is a great MYSTERY OF THE ANASAZI... although they had fortress-like cliff dwellings, they abandoned them. Nobody really knows why... Where they forced out? Did they starve?

For this diary entry, you will take on the role an Anasazi cliff dweller about to abandon their village. Explain why you have come to this decision. Talk about how this will change your way of life.

(WARNING: Use REAL information from the websites to help you write this. No far-fetched alien abduction stories will do. You are taking on the role of a possibly REAL person from that time, not imagining some fake fictional character....)

Here are the websites to help you with your Archaeological Notes!

Not all websites are created equal! I have put them in order of what I though was most helpful to least helpful. But you might something awesome for your diary entry in any of them!
MYSTERY OF THE ANASAZI - Discovery History Science (full documentary)
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