News from Pier 25

October 9, 2015

Dear Parents,

Next week our Old Friends will be taking the OLSAT test. This is an ability test that measures verbal, quantitative, and figural reasoning skills. This test is used as one of the criteria for determining placement for the extended curriculum students in middle school. There is no way to study for the test, however we would like to encourage our Old Friends to eat a great breakfast on Wednesday morning. The test will be given during math on Wednesday, October 14.

I’m looking forward to parent/teacher conferences that are coming up quickly. Thank you to those parents who already completed the online “Conference Planning Form.” Your feedback is very important to my conference preparation.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kelly Horist

Shared Reading

This week we read a text titled Encounter by Jane Yolen. This was a fabulous story that described the relationship between the European explorers and the Native Americans. Encounter is the story of Christopher Columbus and how his men, known as “strangers”, interacted with Native Americans already living in the New World. We had great discussions about the author’s clues and word choice. This text put all the concepts from our last two social studies chapters into a story that helped our students truly comprehend this historical encounter!

Writers Workshop

Our students have been working diligently in writer’s workshop to create their own narrative story. After analyzing elements of a narrative in shared reading, students got the opportunity to demonstrate their narrative knowledge in writing! I am quite impressed with the students creativity in coming up with an appropriate problem that lends itself to an exciting climax and falling action in which the character learns a lesson. It has been fun reading each other’s stories to infer each author’s theme as we watch each character learn a specific lesson. Students spent time in the computer lab this week publishing their story using a template on Google Slides. These will be available for you to read at your upcoming parent/teacher conference.


Old Friends: Students will be bringing home their unit 2 assessment today for your review and signature. We are so impressed with how hard our students are working to becoming confident solving multiplication problems the “old school” way! We can tell many friends have been practicing their basic facts!! Next we will dive into geometry. We will explore angle measures, practice measures angles using a protractor, and analyze geometric properties of polygons.

New Friends: This week our new friends have been using their computation skills to multiply and divide. We have been practicing our computational skills playing “Multiplication Baseball”, using the website XtraMath and also using fact quiz sheets. Your help and support with our students memorizing their facts is greatly appreciated!

Upcoming Events

Monday, October 12: No School Columbus Day

Wednesday, October 14: Old Friends OLSAT math test

Monday, October 19: Horist/Helsom Field Trip (9:15 - 12:30)

Wednesday, October 21: Early release 2pm, Parent/Teacher conferences 5:00 - 8:00

Thursday, October 22: No school, conferences 12:00 - 8:00

Friday, October 23: No school, conferences 8:00 - 12:00