Mexican War

By: Sebastian Guzman

Causes of the war

  1. Border dispute
  2. Manifest Destiny
  3. Mexico wanted Texas, but Texas didn't want them
  4. Mexico resented offer to buy land

Political Leaders

United States president: James Polk

Mexico: Marno palderes

Military Leaders

United States: General Taylor, and General Scott

Mexico: Santa Anna

Terms of Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

  1. Texas belongs to U.S.A.
  2. United States gained the Mexican cession
  3. Mexico reserved 15 million dollars
  4. Manifest Destiny
  5. The border Rio Grande

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  1. Monterrey: Texas won
  2. Mexico City: Texas won
  3. Paloato: Texas won
  4. Benabeta: Bloodiest battle, Texas won
The Mexican and American War

Compromise of 1850

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Manifest Destiny

Expansion of the US throughout the American continents was both justified and inevitable.