Greek and Roman Gods

8th World History - TylerZ

What reason do we have for learning about Greek Mythology?

Greek and Roman gods should be taught in World History because it can help students understand the Odyssey better, show what the people of Greece and Rome believed how the world worked, and the issues and roles of these ancient gods in the peoples lives.

What kind of gods are there and what do they do?

The three main gods that appear in Greek and Roman mythology are Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. These three are all brothers with Zeus being god of the sky and all gods, Poseidon being god of the sea, and Hades being god of the underworld. The reason that Zeus is the god of gods is because he saved his brothers from their father, Kronus, the titan. This gave Zeus the power to decide where everyone would go letting him take the sky, Poseidon getting the sea, and Hades, being unlucky, had to take the underworld.

What kind of gods are there and what do they do?

Three other gods that are important would be Leto, Artemis, and Apollo. The main reason why these three are in a group is because Leto and Zeus had Artemis and Apollo as their children. Leto is a titan and goddess of motherhood, who had to flee from Mount Olympus because Hera, Zeus wife, was jealous of her. Apollo was the god of music, the sun, healing, disease, archery, and prophecy, he was a very cocky person who was god of many things. Artemis was the goddess of the hunt who was to herself all the time and also is the oldest of the two. The majority of the Greek gods were connected to one another and many issues normally arose from them.