Henry Thomas's Project

Pride and Prejudice


Puppy Love

I met you and immediately thought you worthy.

A soul so volatile to it's surroundings, you

do everything I say and please me so.

Financially I shall never be melancholy.

My mind may be rotten but I know what is

best for me. A man with such inheritance

is a man I would lust for. My monastery keeps

everything well. I am against Eliza for what she

stands for, what kind of women would deny

such a perfect financial opportunity?

Diamond connection

At first when you see a low-dweller

you think nothing of them,

when you enter a mind of one,

you comprehend one.

You realize the thoughts behind a person

through experience, you fall in love,

with all the differences between them and others.

Intelligence heightens under pressure.

Falling in love with someone inferior changes

a person, typically for the better.

Flaws become the reason you enjoy their presence.

Are we different after all?

Our families are both filled with psych,

love will not cease. Time will not budge,

3 months and stronger than ever,

a second opportunity comes with a ring.

A lifetime of happiness willing to be endured.

Coexisting inverses

The mirror title of pride and prejudice refers to two specific characters more than anybody else. Mr. Darcy has developed a very prideful egotistical essence within his character. Elizabeth a very taciturn character, has proven herself to be very prejudice against Darcy since the beginning. These two very different individuals eventually come together to balance one another out.

Elizabeth was introduced to Darcy by Mr. Bennet at a public ball. Elizabeth's first impression of Darcy was very negative, assuming he was mean, nasty, and arrogant. Darcy states that she is not handsome enough to please him. Elizabeth automatically assumes this personality of a man she does not know showing her prejudice. Darcy is not showing any sort of acknowledgement to the Bennets due to there social class in society, portraying his prideful streak.

Any relationship has its own differences and problems; however, within Pride and Prejudice Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy come together and come apart to create a chaotic yet simultaneously balanced out relationship. Their relations with one another lead to a result that is a blend of complexity and a sense of paradox. It seems throughout the novel that Mr. Darcy possesses an almost narcissistic nature about himself. Darcy struggles to realize that Elizabeth is far lower than him. The social rank of these two individuals make for a very controversial relationship.

Starting from the beginning the two individuals had a strong dislike for each other without truly recognizing their traits. Throughout the novel the characters slowly come up with more reasons to dislike one another. Elizabeth fighting with Darcy allowed Darcy to truly want to prove her wrong. Him writing the informative letter proved to Elizabeth that Darcy truly cares about her. The relationship ends with a happy marriage.

The fact that a relationship can go from such deep regression based off of mere pride and prejudice means that there is no euphoric bliss in there love. Relationships that start easily have a much greater chance of being broken easily than steady drawn out relationships. Darcy and Elizabeth are far from best friends and don't truly understand each other. In 20 years I believe the two could be together but based off of no permanent information it could end abruptly. Since they are so different they still coexist together with their differences, however, no thing is for certain in the world.