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Okay I can't help it, I am just loving this new fall line of jewels, scarfs and bags! Enjoy this last weekend of August and from now until Sunday, August 25th at midnight I am personally going to pay for your shipping! Email me or call me with your order and I will process your order while I take care of shipping!
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Look below at what our best sellers are for Fall!

What are the best sellers for fall so far?

Our Fall Best Sellers

I've had some shows and had some online orders and here is what I am hearing and seeing from my fabulous clients :)

Bags: You are loving the Madison Tech bag. It's is an all around functional, practical and beautiful bag that easily holds a laptop. The summer designs are still doing very well, but the metallic How Does She Do It Bag is making big waves.

Scarfs: The Frida is definitely going to be the scarf of choice this fall. Imagine it with a distressed denim jacket and cute grey dress.

Necklaces: All ready the Somervell, Mae and Christina link are big players. Buy one, two or even all three. The great thing is that there is something for everyone. Buy one, then host a trunk show and I can get you the other two for you for free :). The Sutton is also big, at only $128 this necklace can be worn 5 ways!! So worth the versatility this piece has. You can wear it all week to work and it won't look the same!

Bracelets: The Christina link which just got released in silver is a favourite, as well as the gilded arrow in silver and the moxie stretch. Not to mention the Urban bracelet.

Rings: The gilded arrow in silver is doing very well and it is super cute!

Wallets: The cobalt blue tech wallet is hot!!