The island of love

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History and location of Cyprus

Cyprus used to be a part of Ancient Greece. It is located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, south of Turkey, and near the Syrian Coast. It became an independent nation on August 16, 1960. Makarios was the countries first president.


This is the Cyprus flag. The olive branches below the country shape are a known symbol of peace and hope. The country is colored a coppery color because they are known for copper.
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Capital and major cities

The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia and some major cities there are Limassol, Larnaca, famagusta, Paphos, Kyrenia, and Protaras. Cyprus has a lot of beaches so many of them have beaches.The pictures below show a little bit of what they look like.
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Tourism and why people come to Cyprus

There is a lot of great scenery and cuisine in Cyprus. There are a lot of beautiful beaches and you can even go skiing. Cyprus has ski resorts so you can swim in the sea and go skiing on the same day.

Government type

Their government type is republic. The head of the government is president Nicos Anastasiades.


Their current currency is a euro but it used to be the Cypriot pound. Cyprus switched to the euro on January 1st 2008.

Date joined the European Union

They joined the EU on May 1st 2004, so it is not a founding country of the EU. It was one of the later countries to join the EU.

Geography of Cyprus

There are a lot of mountains is Cyprus, like the Kyrenia mountains and the Troodos which include mount Olympus, which is the highest point in Cyprus. There are many beaches there because they are surrounded by water.

Interesting facts

- residents are called "Greek Cypriots" or "Turkish Cypriots"

- the country's nickname is the island of love, from the Greek goddess Aphrodite

- They have over 20 rare species of orchid

- Lefkara lace is produced in Cyprus

- They got the name Cyprus form the Greek word Kypros meaning copper

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