Olmos Library Newsletter

November 2014

Library Stats

*Short month due to Thanksgiving holiday and some stats lower due to several grades absent for field trips. *

Classes seen: 31

20 Lessons taught to K-2nd grade. Lessons were taught on Parts of a Story, Neighborhoods in the Library, ABC Order Book Shelving, Cause and Effect, and Making Inferences.

Total Books checked out for the month:1903

Books Checked out by Grade Level:

  • Kinder= 118
  • 1st= 218
  • 2nd= 333
  • 3rd= 452
  • 4th= 195
  • 5th= 445

Olmos LIbrary Presents author Kate Klise!

On November 7 all grades were treated to a visit by author Kate Klise. She discussed several of her books and gave some great tips/ideas about the writing process.

A is for Author!

Kindergarten started working on their ABC Journals. The week of the author visit we read The Meanest Mother on Earth by Kate Klise. During the following week students had to illustrate a favorite part of the book in their journal.

Turkey Time!

1st grade used a die to determine which parts of their turkey would be a certain color. Using the Smartboard and a 3D interactive die, several students took turns rolling the die and using the Color Key on their paper.

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks

Kindergarten continued working in their ABC Journals and we read the book called Gracias=Thanks. The story follows a little boy from the time he wakes up until the time he goes to bed and gives thanks for various people, places, and things. Students then worked on the letter G page of their journal and had to write as well as illustrate what they were thankful for.

For the month of November students in all grade levels were given a Fall Reading Challenge. Students had to pick their favorite book, explain why they liked the book by filling out the handout shaped like a feather, and then color their feather. Any students that submitted a feather received a scratch-n-sniff bookmark.

Olmos Library Neighborhoods

1st and 2nd grade students had a review of the neighborhoods in the Olmos Library (i.e. Fiction, Everybody, & Non Fiction). Students then focused on the EVERYBODY section and learned how books are shelved according the labels on the spines and that knowing your ABC's helps us to locate our books. We used a Smartboard activity to put books in the correct ABC Order and then students were placed into small groups where they had to try and sort books on their own.

Each table group had 3 books and using the handout that was an exact replica of what was shown during the Smartboard activity, they had to put books in the correct ABC Order.