microscope history

by abby

all different kinds of microscopes

early microscope

compound microscope

dissecting microscope

electron microscope

and there is so many more!

when was the early, compound light, dissecting, and electron microscope invented

early microscope; 1500

compound light microscope ;1590

dissecting microscope;1920

and the electron microscope;1931

who made all of the 4 microscopes

early microscope=zaccharics Janssen and his sohn Hans Janssen

compound light microscope=the Janssen brothers

dissecting microscope=phillip.O gravelle

and electron microscope=ernstrusk maxnoll


why are microscope important to people and why are they helpful to you and geographical use?

what i think

I think that people should use microscopes but only for good uses like to learn and become a biologist or anything else. they should be use for geographical use to.

early microscope!

a early microscope fact. when you look into it ,you can count the tread in woven clothes.

compound light microscope!

one cool fact on a compound light microscope is that it can transmit light to the image of your eye!

dissecting microscope!

the dissecting microscope can not be use for low power specimens!

electron microscope!

a cool fact is that you can inside a cell and see the nucleus!