By Danny Galan

How and Where

Volcanoes are formed when magma from the Earth's upper mantle works it's way up to the surface then the volcano erupts and lava comes out and ash too and since lava is really hot it can destruct the city that is close to! Volcanoes occur mostly near the edges of plates. They happen on the plates because since the volcano has a plate under it the plates sometimes move and they create friction. Then that friction causes earthquakes and volcanoes to erupt near the edges of the plates.

Safety Precautions!

Here are some tips on how to be safe before,during,and after a volcano:

BEFORE-Always have a safety plan for a volcano. There will be mudslides, flash floods, earthquakes, ash falling, acid rain, and tsunamis so be prepared. You will need a kit for your home that include a first aid kit, canned food and can opener, bottled water, battery-operated radio, flashlight, protective clothing, dust mask, goggles, and sturdy shoes.

DURING-Follow evacuation plan by authorities. If your indoors close all windows and doors and bring animals indoors too. If your outdoors seek shelter, if your caught in falling rocks then roll into a ball and protect your head, if your close to a stream be careful with mudslides and move to higher grounds. Protect your self with long sleeve shirt, long pants, and goggles.

AFTER-Cover your mouth and nose because the ash can irritate the respiratory system. Cover your eyes with goggles and keep your skin covered. And finally clear your roof from ash because ash is very big and it can destroy buildings.


Remember To Be Safe And Be Prepared!