Kenling and Numon

By: Hailey Beatty

Kenling and Numon

Kenling and Numon

By: Hailey Beatty

Once upon a time … there was a lonely Goddess Queen, and she ruled over all fires. Her name was Kenling. She has a necklace,and it holds the most powerful stone in the whole world. She wore that necklace all day until she went to bed. She lived in a really, really, really, big kingdom. She has to have very powerful, strong, and a lot of guards to protect and watch over the kingdom. Oh! And theirs Numon, which is just like any other person.

Well one day Numon came to town.When he got there he started telling people how good he was, how much better he is then other people, and saying he was the best at every -thing. Well while Numon was talking and bragging one of Kenling’s guard well, he was listening to what he was saying. So when he was done in town he went to queen Kenling. He told her everything he heard him say.

Well one day Kenling disguised herself and went to Numon’s house. She pretended to be a poor old women. She knocked on his door and said,” May I please come in?” “ Why of course. Please do come in.’ Numon said Kenling went in. She didn’t want him to know that she was queen Kenling. So she said her name was Mary.Then Numon started bragging, saying he’s better, and that he’s the best at everything. Then something bad happened. He said,” And I’ve always been thinking of plans to steal queen Kenling’s necklace.” “ Ops!” He said.

Then Kenling got angry so she showed her real self, and her hair was on fire and in the air. Her eyes turned fire red. Numon was surprised and scared at the same time. He thought it was just a poor old women.

As soon as Kenling calmed down she left in her fire carige. She left him standing there all alone. The next day he had the perfect plan. He would dress up just like a real poor man. He tried to not look at all like his real self. So he went to Kenling’s kingdom. He told the door guard if he could talk to queen Kenling. They thought he was a real poor man, so they lead him in. They lead him to the queen. The queen asked him what he was doing here. The queen couldn’t even recognize him. So he said, “ I’m here because I heard that a storm was coming in and I need a place for the night and I don’t know what to do because I don’t have a place to stay. Oh! I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Tom.”

Kenling thought for a moment. She let him stay for the night in a guest room. When the kingdom was quite Numon snuck down the hall into the queens room. He was very quiet. When he got into the room he saw the necklace lying on the nightstand he grabbed it quick and tippy-toed very quietly back to his room. Before Kenling got up ,Numon snuck out of the kingdom and back to his house. When Kenling woke up, she wasn’t too happy to see that her necklace wasn’t on the nightstand. She called 5 of her best guards out to search for her necklace that holds the special stone in it. They left right away. Then she remembered she had a guest. She went to his room and he was gone. She looked in all the other rooms too.

Then she also remembered that he kind of looked familiar. That he looked a lot like … huh! “ Numon!” She cried. She knew that he was after her necklace. So what she did was call him and said that she had something very important to tell him. When he came he forgot that he was wearing the necklace around his neck. When they sat down he asked, “ So. What’s so important?” Kenling kept asking questions if he knew about her necklace being taken. But Numon keeps saying no. Then she finally asks him why he brags,says he’s the best, and better than everyone else . “ Well, I did that because I know that some other people in town know that I’m not good at everything, I’m not better than anyone , and that I’m not the best at anything, and this necklace does not belong to me. I believe it belongs to you.” Numon said as handing her back the necklace. “ Thank You Numon, you just did the right thing, but you have one more thing that you need to do. You need to make a speech and tomorrow you will say it to everybody in town I’ll get them into a big crowd so they can all hear you. “ Ok?” Kenling said out of breath. Numon made a speech.

Tomorrow was already here and the whole town was there and it is time for Numon”s speach and here’s what it said

Dear friends,

I’m very sorry for what I said and did to hurt your feelings. I’m also sorry for stealing the queen’s necklace. And I Numon promise that I will never and I mean never do anything or say anything like that again.

Your friend,


The crowd cheered for Numon and the wonderful speech he gave. The town circled all around him and gave him a big, big group hug. And now that he’s good queen Kenling had to say something.”I now pronounce that Numon will be the fire king because he is now good and said sorry for all the bad things he did and said. And we are very lucky that we have another special stone to put in another necklace.” Kenling said. And they all lived Happily Ever After.

The End