Warsaw Pact

Zachary Blair | Hour 1 | Chapter 18

Creation of the Warsaw Pact

The Warsaw Pact was formed in 1955 as a counterweight to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and to the inclusion of West Germany. During much of the Pact's early existance, the Soviet Union used it as part of the Soviet Ministry of Defense. It was one of the Soviet Unions primary mechanisms for keeping the East European countries under control. The Soviet Union was politcally dominate and it's military intervention kept control of internal affairs.

Members of the Warsaw Pact

There were eight members to the Warsaw Pact, they all took an oath to protect or support each other in the event of one of them being attacked. The members included Soviet Union, Albania (until 1968), Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany (until 1990), Hungary, Poland, and Romania. The pact would combine to create to tremendous offensive and defensive capabilities. Most of their powerful military consisted of massive tank and artillery formations, place along the border of the imaginary iron Curtain.

End of The Warsaw Pact

The pact only lasted for a little over 35 years. It crumbled for a number of reasons but mostly because of it being under control by unpopular communist rule and due to treaties becoming increasingly obsolete. It crumbled even further as the Eastern countries in the pact gained increasing fear of a Soviet Union attack. Events leading to the disband like the fall of the Berlin Wall, and free elections in Poland made the pact inevitable to fail.


My reaction to the Warsaw Pact is that it was a good idea for the Soviet Union, because it created a border between them and Western European countries. It worked well for 35 years but failed due to incapability to keep up with the decreasing economy. The economy for the countries involved with the Warsaw Pact plummeted because of the huge increase of weaponry for incase of invasions or another war. I feel the Pact could've continued if so many countries weren't unhappy with communist rule. Many countries in the pact tried to leave the pact, and wouldn't provide aid to other countries during the pact because they wanted to leave.