Jacob Westby


1. Hephaestus is Kind and Loveable

2. He was ugly

3. He was lame

4. Mother threw him into the sea

5. Rescued by Thedis and Euryname

6. Worked in Volcano

7. Worked with cyclops

8. Made Thunderbolts for zues

9. Created First Lady Pandora

10. He wore a short Tunic

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Hephaestus - The Greek God of Fire, the Forge, Metalworking


I chose Hephastus because he looked strong. We are alike because we both are very kind.
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The picture is Zues Hephastues dad
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This is Hera Hephaestus Mother

roman name


About hephaestus

He is immortal. He is a god. He has no children. Mother Hera, Father Zues, God of fire