German Americans

By: Brett Edwards

German Americans

German Immigrated because they weren't getting good pay and they weren't getting treated right so that one reason they came to America. If they stayed they would have to live in misery and have to work plus be put in a union that maybe they don't like. Now that they came to America they have a right pick if they want to be Christian or catholic.

interesting facts

Benjamen franklen was German. A pretzel is called a Breze.

Brett Edwards

some German food

German bacon, pancakes, hot dogs, chicken, pretzels, cup cakes, cake, pizza, burgers, grilled cheese with meat.

World War I: Battle Of Verdun 1/4

what did they bring to america.

they would brought extra money with so they could get food and a home. they needed to get a gob and they could grow seeds on their land.