Psychic Circle

Blue Tree Reiki with Anne Donnell

Thursday, March 19th, 7pm

292 York St

York, ME


Psychic Medium Demonstration/Circle

The circle will run 7-9 with the intention of bringing in messages from spirit and loved ones that have passed over. Please note, that not everyone attending the circle may receive a message. As many know, the energy during the Psychic circle(depending on the participants) brings forth different messages and energetic frequencies each time. No two circles are ever the same, but you can be assured that each time will be a profound and enlightening experience for those involved. A

Blue Tree Reiki and Psychic Energy Works

Anne Donnell, RMT, Psychic Medium

Blue Tree Reiki & Psychic Energy Works

Mailing Address: PO Box 214, York, ME 03909

Hours: By Appointment only