HCC Evaluation of Instruction

Want Extra Credit?

Just fill out the college evaluation of instruction known as EGLS3 and I will award you 5 points toward your final exam score. News of your participation in the survey is automatically relayed to me so there is no need to send me proof. Don't miss this opportunity to earn an easy five points.

Best Regards,

Richard Gosselin

Economics Professor

Houston Community College

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Student Evaluation of Instruction - EGLS3

Take the time to complete the EGLS3 survey which is HCC's new tool for evaluating instruction. The last day to complete it is May 1, 2015. Just click on the link below. All responses are kept confidential and the instructor does not have access to the results until after the close of the semester.

Need Help?

If you have never filled out the new student evaluation of instruction for HCC please click on the link below for a short video explanation.