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Dear SVS Families,

Welcome to the new school year! This school year startup is far from normal. We want you to know that we understand how stressful the parent choices are for you all. We know none of the choices are perfect. We appreciate all of your questions, your requests, and sharing your concerns with us! We have listened and tried to make adjustments where possible.

Your child's safety is our ultimate mission. We are excited to see them and interact with them, whether it is in person, or remotely. No matter their schooling choice, relationships are important to us here at SVS, and we will make student connections with your child.

Please check-out the following, timely updates you will find in this newsletter:

  • The FAQ is full of new information. If you look at nothing else in the newsletter, please read the FAQ!
  • The new Bell Schedule (FAQ & link below)
  • Updates on how we will assign SVS subject area teachers to students who are choosing opt-in remote learning (FAQ & Registration info below)
  • Updates on sports fees (FAQ)
  • Updates on masks, lockers, remote learning on Fridays, etc (FAQ)
  • Apex parent resources (FAQ & link below)
  • Update on student schedules (info below)
  • Middle school soccer & cross country (FAQ & link below)
  • Mask guidelines (FAQ & link below)
  • School supplies (link below)
  • CDC checklist for planning for in-person classes (link below)

There is a feedback form link at the bottom of the newsletter. if there is information you are seeking that you are not finding, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via that form, via phone, or via email.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions, concerns, or needs. We are here for you.

Partners in education,

Lisa Shelby, SVS Principal







Registering Your Student(s) for School:

In order to register your student(s) for school, please use this link. If you run into issues or need help, please call 761-HELP (4357).

As you are aware, there are essentially 3 choices for your student(s) this year. Here is a quick overview, and please read carefully, as some information has changed:

  • Enroll for in-person classes at SVS - this option has students in the building, with our teachers, and instruction will look "normal". Teachers will share their relational, instructional, and expertise magic with students in their respective subject areas.
    • Mitigation plans will be in effect (for example no lockers, one-way directional hallways, 2 middle school lunches, 2 high school lunches, no assemblies, social distancing, lots of hand sanitization, and building sanitization, etc).
    • Students may enroll in one or more in-person classes, and enroll in one or more SVS opt-in remote classes or homeschool classes. They can be part-time across choices.
    • In-person students will be taught how to use Apex online curriculum. They will be familiar with the content of enrolled courses so a potential shift to remote learning can happen seamlessly.
    • Every student will learn remotely each Friday.

  • Enroll in opt-in remote learning at SVS - this option keeps your student enrolled at SVS, and keeps resources at SVS. Your child will learn independently at home using Apex online curriculum. They will be assigned to multiple SVS subject area teachers to support them and instruct them as needed during designated teacher office hours. Please see the FAQ link above for more specific information.
    • We will grade your student.
    • We will work to motivate your student(s), monitor their progress, contact you and your student(s) regularly, and help with any tech issues you may encounter.
    • We will provide both online resources and subject area teacher expertise to support learning in specific subject areas.
    • Students will stay connected to SVS and can decide to change enrollment to SVS in-person quickly and smoothly if they choose to do so.
    • Students may have the opportunity to connect remotely on Fridays with in-person SVS students and staff.
    • Students may enroll in one or more in-person classes, and enroll in one or more opt-in remote classes. They can be part-time across choices.
    • Students enrolled in the SVS opt-in remote program are able to participate in sports with SVS.

  • Enroll in a homeschool program - this option has your student enrolling in a different school than SVS and will take resources away from SVS.
    • The parent becomes the teacher for enrolled subject areas.
    • The parent grades their student.
    • Resources for your student will be provided by the homeschool program you enroll in.
    • Curriculum choices will vary, online or text-based.
    • Students may enroll in one or more SVS in-person classes, and enroll in one or more homeschool classes. They can be part-time across choices.
    • Students enrolled in homeschool programs are able to participate in sports with SVS.

We are currently trending around 65% of our students in the building in person and about 35% of our students opting with other choices. We have about half of our students registered. We ask that you please register your student(s) as soon as possible so we can accurately plan.

You can switch your choice! If you made a choice already when you registered, you can change your mind. Please call 761-4357 (HELP), and they can direct you in resetting your registration to make the changes you need to.

If you have questions, please refer to our FAQ listed above, or call us at 733-9300.


We have been reworking our master schedule of classes to match our new bell schedule (going from 7 periods to 6). In doing this, the master schedule will look quite different, and some classes will no longer be available, and new classes will be added.

We will be scheduling students as best we can based on their choices from last spring. It may take us through the end of this week to complete this work. Once completed, and once you have registered your student, you will be able to see your student's schedule on ParentVUE. If you see a schedule on ParentVUE now, and it has 7 periods/classes or looks like it has errors, it is not the correct schedule.

For opt-in remote learning students, we will be scheduling your apex classes and creating you a schedule. You should also see this in ParentVUE, the same as all SVS students.

We appreciate your patience! As always, we will have a 2 week add/drop period after school starts to accommodate any changes students and parents would like to see in their student's schedule. If we need to extend this time for our unique circumstances, we will notify students and parents in advance.


Our school supply list can be found on our website, at this link. As always, if you cannot afford these supplies, we can help, and will make sure your student has what they need.

All students will receive a Chromebook laptop, checked out to them, as long as parents completed the computer use agreement during the registration process.

In addition, we ask that you provide a backpack for your student, with their name on it. Students will be keeping their supplies with them this year. We also ask that you send a water bottle with your student's name on it. We will not be using the water fountains.

As mentioned in the FAQ, masks are now required for students and staff. While several masks will be provided to your student, it will be helpful if they also have their own, with their name on it.

Thank you! Again, we will help take care of students who do not or cannot get these supplies on their own. United Way is providing backpack donations to us, and the Families in Transition program also helps provide supplies to us.


Our first day of school for students is Wednesday, August 19. We will be running an "A Week", Periods 1, 2, 3 schedule on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday will be a remote learning day for all students. The following week, beginning August 24, we will be running a "B Week", periods 4, 5, 6, with remote learning on Friday.


Middle school soccer and cross country running practice will begin on Monday, August 24 at 3:00 PM, ending at 4:30 PM.

Soccer coach will be Jamie Westnedge

Cross Country Running Club Volunteer will be Becca Moore

Soccer Registration:
In order to be on the field and/or practice on August 24, the following must be in place for each athlete:

  • A current school physical ("current" is a school physical within the last 18 months). A current physical must be in place before students can practice.
  • Athletic Registration completed. Please use this link for the process. Forms will be available at SVS.
  • Athletic fees are all waived for fall sports. No fees need to be paid to play.
  • Participant Agreement, Liability Release, and Assumption of Risk form completed. See this link for the form. This form must be in place before students can practice. Forms will be available at SVS.
  • Return to Practice & Play Protocols (COVID-19 Mitigation): We will be following District (ASAA aligned) Return-To-Practice link and Return-To-Events link Protocols. Please review.

Transportation from practice:

Please make sure students are picked up from practice at 4:30 PM. There will be Sunshine Transit shuttles running at 4:30 PM, first come first served. Students MUST tell the front office they plan to ride a transit before lunchtime each day in order to secure a spot.


All SVS students will be using Apex courses for remote learning. Here are a few parent resources.

Apex Courses Parent Resources


Up to date District information can be found at

Myths about Coronavirus

No one has time for myths, especially myths about the coronavirus. It is hard to pick facts from fiction on social media on a good day but with the coronavirus it seems that everyone is an expert or has an opinion. What is true and who decides? As your school nurse, I try to get my information from the Department of Health and Social Services, Dr. Zink, the CDC, and the WHO. If I can’t trace the information that I am getting back to these sources then I usually put it in the “suspicious” bin. Here are a couple excellent articles that helps bust some myths about the corona virus that you may have heard:

As always, stay healthy!

Romy Byrd RN - School Nurse

Matanuska Susitna Borough School District

Susitna Valley Junior/Senior High School (907) 733-9304

Talkeetna Elementary (907) 733-9415

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