Special Services

January 25, 2016

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Upcoming Events

Peer Reveiw Group #3 January 27, 2016

Dana Hammer, Don Garner, Mary Davis, Jennifer Cole

Child Find Screening, January 29th

Love and Logic (Parenting Class), February 2, 6:30-8:00 pm

Every Tuesday night for 6 weeks.

Time and Effort Reporting Single Fund

For All Case Managers

Where employees are expected to work solely on a single Federal award or cost objective, charges for their salaries and wages must be supported by semi-annual certifications that the employees worked solely on that program for the period covered by the certification. These semi-annual certifications must be signed by the employee and supervisory official having firsthand knowledge of the work performed by the employee. All school district employees who are paid from or who have received a stipend paid from Part B (special education funds) are required to complete a Time and Effort Reporting Form.

If you received a stipend with your December pay, you need to complete a Time and Effort Reporting form. All para professionals also need to complete one. If you or your para professionals have not complete one yet, please print,complete, sign and send to Laura at DSC. You will need to underline or circle the time period of (July 1 through December 31). Please sign into the link below for the form.

Please call Sherry with questions.

IEP Form Changes

Below is a link to a Special Education Directors Webinar. The State of Idaho is considering some changes to IEP Forms. You can view the forms if you click at the bottom on "Draft IEP Forms 1.7.16 (word). Comments can be emailed and given to the addresses below.

IEP Forms – Comment Period, Now until February 12, 2016

• The DRAFT IEP Forms are posted as handouts in the details for this webinar.

• District personnel are encouraged to provide comments via email:

• Put “IEP Forms” in your subject line

• Email to to BArnold@sde.Idaho.gov

• Comments will be accepted until February 12, 2016.

• If you have questions regarding the forms, contact Shannon

Dunstan 208-332-6908 or sdunstan@sde.idaho.gov.

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