Ferocious Finish

Big Sky ASTD Presents

Three Dynamite Presenters

Big Sky ASTD is ending 2013 in a big way. In September, Nan Russell is traveling to Billings to discuss winning behaviors that initiate natural followership and leadership without a title. Coming in October, Russ Cherry of Dream Big Consulting has promised near death experiences while you learn techniques that can elevate your team's performance. Then in November, Sherry Winn of U Can Create Success will share her experiences of overcoming adversity while becoming an Olympic athlete and National Coach of the Year

Fortin Culinary Center

September 20th, October 25th and November 15th

11:45 - Registration/Networking/Lunch
12:00 - Chapter Business/Non-Profit Presentation
12:20 - Speaker Starts
1:00 - Additional Networking
*All times are estimates

All events will be held on the 2nd floor. Lunch is always prepared fresh by the culinary students.

It Doesn’t Come with a Title: Uncommon-Practice Leadership

How do you lead people who don't report to you, or get innovation and results when you don't have title or authority? The answer is uncommon-practice leadership. It’s not your position that gives you power; it’s your behavior. Discover uncommonly displayed behaviors that create positive influence, enhance results, and initiate natural followership. Immediately apply four cornerstones behaviors, while reducing mistakes that may be hijacking your effectiveness and eroding your training, development or HR results or professional growth. Plus gain insight into winning behaviors that can be utilized with any staff approach.

Russ Cherry - The Candle Problem

Russ is back! It's been a year and he has a lot to say. Armed with more research and attitude, Russ will share world class techniques that can elevate your team's performance in three specific ways:

  1. desire to learn
  2. retain what was trained
  3. performance improvement after training

Prepare for an experience that includes matches, hot wax, sharp objects and, if we're lucky, a near death experience or two. (This year Russ is in great health and will not be the one facing death while he is presenting!) RSVP as soon as you can. Space is limited and seats go fast. Thrill seekers and folks who enjoy the inviting glow of a raging dumpster fire will receive expedited reservation confirmation!

Sherry Winn - Overcoming Adversity

What do all people need to know? How to overcome adversity! What is the value of adversity? How can you use it to your advantage? Can you change your viewpoint to see the opportunity in every crisis?

Most people have struggled with an issue and felt that they couldn't get through it. Most people have felt that a problem might be greater than their ability to solve it. I share my process of how I changed from being a bench substitute to an Olympian, from being depressed to optimistic, from being fired to national coach of the year and from having chronic, debilitating pain to living a healthier lifestyle.