Book Review

By Jenna T.

Forget Me

By K.A. Harrington

Copyright: 2014

Genre: Mystery

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Morgan tried to forget Flynn, her deceased boyfriend, but as she was finally determined to achieve closure, she discovered something. There was a boy who looked exactly like Flynn, but he was alive. Morgan begins to unravel the mystery by her almost abandoned town, revealing secrets that shock her, like why her parents are fighting, why her best friend is so hurt, and why Evan is afraid. She finally acheives closure once the web of lies that is her life unravels.
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Morgan's abandoned town

My favorite character

My favorite character is Morgan. She is determined and confident. I really like that she doesn't get distracted by all the boy drama going on around her, she remains focused on the task ahead of her. Morgan is also very supportive of her best friend, whether she likes the choices that Toni makes or not. She is very intelligent and is a great problem solver, which I admire as well. She is just a very well rounded person.


I would definitely recommend this book to people who enjoy mysteries and suspense. This book also has really great character development, which is one of my favorite things to have in a book. This story was easy to follow and very interesting at the same time. I'm sure that many people can relate to many of the problems faced, and identify themselves in the characters' personalities. I believe that many people would enjoy this book thoroughly.
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This book is a mystery