Courtney McRoberts

Working with technology

I am skilled in creating digital art and have knowledge of coding. I am a quick learner and like to learn about new ways to use technology. I am quick at typing and have experience with computer usage. I am also good at using different technology, like phones and cameras, and I consider myself to be at least minimally skilled in taking good quality pictures and editing them to make them better using either a computer or a phone.


I've been writing since when I was around ten, and I've developed my skills up until now, and I believe I have adequate skills in writing. I am usually the editor in Group Projects, and I automatically correct incorrect grammar, spelling and under-case letters that need to be capitalized (and vise versa). I also love to learn new words and have a large vocabulary, because whenever I come across a large word I don't know, I look up it's meaning.

Playing the cello

I've played the cello since the beginning of this School Year, so I still have a lot to learn, but I have adequate skills so far, I've learned many songs, and I believe playing in a group of Violas has helped me become better than I would have if I had just been in a group of Cellos doing the same thing I was doing.


I don't often talk a lot, but in group projects or activities I usually self-assign myself as the leader, and actually come out of my "shell." We don't usually have to talk about it much, I often just take charge giving people tasks. I'm always open to allow others to suggest what they think would work better, but I have a good sense of organization and often know how to get things done. Sometimes I feel like if I don't step up as leader nothing will get done, and I can only trust myself to get people on task, so that has fueled parts of the reasons why I often find myself in charge of a project, even though that isn't entirely fair to think of everyone else.


I can be very imaginative and creative and being in Theater Class has helped me develop acting skills. I am good with comedy and partially improvisation, so I'm also good with thinking on my feet.