Disney Cloning

Where YOUR dreams come true

What we offer

At Disney cloning, we take our real life Disney characters like princesses, princes, animals and more, and clone them to make your dreams of having a Disney character look a like!

How we make it happen

To clone any Disney character you want, we remove the cell from the desired character and we get the egg from our customer and remove the nucleus from the egg. We then fuse the egg and cell with electricity. After that the egg fused with the cell turns into embryo. Last, we implant embryo into our customer and the customer will deliver the baby about 9 months later!

Why cloning is great!

Here at Disney cloning we like to think that cloning gives people the opportunity to have a child that's extraordinary. And being a clone to a Disney character is pretty extraordinary. Cloning may be perceived as wrong, but cloning gives hope and opportunity to anyone wanting a "perfect" looking child.

Disney cloning contact and price information

Cloning price for:

Princesses $2,000,000

Princes $1,000,000

Other- $500,000

**Go to a Disney theme park and get $10 off your cloning purchase!