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Volume 1, Issue 24 January 23, 2023

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Happy Observance of the Chinese New Year --Year of the Rabbit

The 2023 Great Kindness Challenge Kickoff Video - Let's Grow Kindness!

Gratitude Corner

The Gratitude Corner will be used to highlight and celebrate our students and staff at any opportunity that we can! If you would like your student acknowledged for something we may not be aware of, please feel free to contact me (include a picture if possible):

Crusaders of the Week

The following are students who were nominated by their teachers for Crusaders of the Week:

Analizia Chavez: Nominated by Ms. Eriksson, Analizia Chavez has made incredible strides into her academic career since 1st semester. She has become focused and has set goals for herself and her grades. I am super proud of giving this award because it is WELL deserved. Keep going, Analizia, the sky is the limit!

Victoria Hernandez: Nominated by Ms. Funk, Victoria Hernandez has been helping in the library during lunchtime. She is learning about weeding books, and the discarding process, by completing tasks I give her. She is also a Library Club member and likes to read. Thank you for all of your help in the library Victoria!

Andrea Carrasco: Nominated by Ms. Heredia, Andrea Carrasco is an amazing student. She sets goals and accomplishes them through her hard work. In addition, Andrea shows up every day with a smile and is prepared and ready for class when the bell rings. Lastly, Andrea always completes her homework and is eager to learn as much as she can! Keep up the awesome work Andrea!

Jose Aguilar, Benjamin Asman, David Contreras Curiel, Alessandria Gilbert, and Elizabeth Toscano. Nominated by Ms. Caldwell, Jose has an A+ in Math. I'm super impressed with his work ethic. Benjamin has received full credit on every homework assignment thus far. He is a hard worker. David also currently has an A + in Math. He works hard and it shows. Alessandria makes sure to revise and resubmit assignments thus far. She is awesome.

Kyleen Smith: Nominated by Ms. Hartwell, Kyleen always shows up to class with a smile on her face. For every assignment, she does her best work and is always willing to help another student. Like all her teachers I am grateful to have her in my class.

Thank you Olivia Mendoza for accompanying Max Zhou Zixing--our guest student from China!

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Thank you to Mr. Armendariz, Ms. Bauer, and Mr. Quijas for investing in Professional Development!

Mr. Armendariz, Ms. Bauer, and Mr. Quijas have continually invested in improving their instructional practices. We thank them for investing last Friday with our partners from Hi Tech High School and their full-day professional development reflecting on a myriad of methods to improve their Math instructional practices. We value numeracy and our Math department at Bonita Vista Middle School! Let's go!!!
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Thank you Mr. Cendejas for your service and time at Bonita Vista Middle School.

Although we are sad to see Mr. Cendejas go, we are excited to see him continue to develop in his professional career as he will be joining our district's student services department and will be serving as a counselor on special assignment effective Monday, January 23rd. During his time at Bonita Vista Middle School, Mr. Cendejas served the students and the learning community of Bonita Vista Middle School with integrity, equity, and the utmost professionalism. We thank you Mr. Cendejas for your time and service at Bonita Vista Middle School. Candidates to replace Mr. Cendejas will be interviewed in the next two weeks.
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Thank you Ms. Kavouklis!

Because of Ms. Kavouklis, our Spelling Bee at Bonita Vista Middle School is back this year! In fact, students will have their site competition this Wednesday, January 25th out of the cafeteria. Ms. Kavouklis, thank you so much for running this academic enrichment program for our Crusaders! We truly appreciate you!

Principal's Weekly Message

BVM Community,

Good morning BVM community!

Good morning Bonita Vista Middle School Learning Community! Happy belated Lunar Year 2023! We are excited to welcome Kindness Week this week to Bonita Vista Middle School and our Spelling Bee on Wednesday, January 25th!

To participate in our Kindness Spirit Week click on this link for more information:

Coincidentally, at our last faculty meeting on Wednesday, January 18th we spoke about 10 essential traits of an International Baccalaureate Student Learner as we continue to explore the possibility of becoming an International Baccalaureate middle school and submitting our application for the 22-23 school year. "Caring" and "Open-Mindedness" are attributes that are at the top of the IB Learner list or what IB calls the IB Learner Profiles. As a school, we will start to become more intentional at ensuring that we not only continue to teach a rigorous curriculum, but that we also teach our students how to be kind, how to be caring, and how to have and keep an open mind with their peers.

We are equally excited this week for our Spelling Bee which will take place on Wednesday, January 25th in our cafeteria. Special thanks to Ms. Kavouklis for coordinating this academic enrichment experience for our students!

At our last Coffee with the Principal, we had a rich discussion about data and our 1st-semester school-wide performance in various metrics ranging from attendance, suspensions, GPA, End of course exams, and other objective data. We requested some feedback from our parent group and we shared the following form: Feel free to view some of our data and leave comments, questions, or concerns.

One more note--this Wednesday, we will also begin our interviews to fill our Social Science teacher vacancy! We are excited to bring a new member on board soon! Mr. Eriksson has been filling in for us as a long-term substitute teacher and we could not be more thankful!

Lastly, please remember to review the 4 Essential Rules at Bonita Vista Middle School that allow us to not only promote our safety on campus, but it allows us to ensure that our students are fully present and ready to learn:

1. No Cell Phones on Campus: We ask that all students placed their cell phones in their backpacks once they are at school and on our campus. We not only enforce this rule during class time but especially during nutrition breaks and lunchtime. We want our students to interact with each other as much as possible as opposed to being on their screens/phones.

2. No IPAD Misuse: Every student is issued an IPAD for educational purposes only. We ask students to use their devices strictly as implements of learning.

3. No Earbuds: Similar to our cell phone rule, we ask that once students are at school and on our campus, they place their earbuds in their backpacks. We have noticed that students are less distracted in class and engage more with each other when they are not using earbuds.

4. No Hoodie (worn on head): Students can wear hooded sweatshirts but in order to be able to identify our students at all times, we ask students not to wear their hoods over their heads. This rule is in place for student safety. Should a non-student sneak onto our campus, we would want to identify them immediately. Also, we need to ensure during class and outside of class that students do not have their earbuds. We prioritize making sure that students are paying attention in class and our fully engaged with each other at all times.

If you ever need to report a disciplinary or safety concern, please make sure to report any and all concerns to our administrative team. Our assistant principal, Mr. Robert Bonilla oversees students with last names between A-L and Ms. Estephany Conlon oversees all students between M-Z. Please visit this link to contact any other staff you wish to communicate with:

Thank you

Dr. Salazar

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