Williamsonians & McLaughonians

Week 3: September 8--11

This Week's Special Events

Language Arts and Science Homework

Tuesday: Remind Text and Smithsonian Tween Tribune

Wednesday: Remind Text and StemScopes (Accelerated Learning)

Thursday: Remind Text and Istation Assignment


Science: Changes Over Time


Mr. McLaughlin's Classwork and Homework

September 7th - September 11th

Monday, September 7th

Labor Day - No School :) Enjoy some time off with your families. Math fact games if you want to practice are below



Tuesday, September 8th - Music (McL) and Art (Will) BOOK FAIR AT 8:30 AM for MC Laughlin, 1:00 for Williams

Math - Decimals and Problem Solving

Homework - 4 Square due Friday and Problem Solving #7; Ordering Decimals worksheet (glued in math journal)

Social Studies - Four Regions of Texas - mini assessment

Writing - Conventions Workshop - Proper Nouns

Homework - Proper Nouns Worksheet

Wednesday, September 9th - PE

Math - Decimals and adding whole numbers Problem Solving #8

Homework - 4 Square due Friday; Rounding Numbers worksheet (glued into math journal)

Social Studies - Characteristics of the 4 Regions

Writing - Conventions Workshop - Review last night's Proper Noun Worksheet

Thursday, September 10th - Art (McL) and Music (Will)

Math - More Place Value; Rounding Review - With Decimals and Problem Solving Review

Homework - 4 Square due tomorrow and Problem Solving #9



Social Studies - Characteristics of the Four Regions of Texas

Writing - Conventions Workshop - Indenting

Friday, September 11th - Clubs

Math - Place Value Assessment - Self grade of 4 Square

Social Studies - Texas Trivia

Writing - Conventions Workshop - Indenting and Ending Marks

Quality Time - 2:10 - 2:40