Hope M. Bobonick

Reading and Writing Units

Serial Podcast

Unit focus:

-Podcast study

Students researched the qualities of a podcast and then planned their own around those qualities

-Argumentative writing

Students used the evidence from the podcast to write arguments with individual claims--students used their own perspective on the case to create their own claim.

-Speaking/listening (classroom debate style)

Students decided which parts of the case they believed or wanted to refute--students broke up in different groups and we debated various accounts from the podcast.

-Language focus: courtroom and law jargon focus

We identified the language used in the podcast that was specific to courtroom or law enforcement--we decided when and where these words may come up in the case/podcast and why.

Supplemental features:

  • Essential questions used with classroom debates
  • Evidence from the case
  • A Jurry Of Her Peers (text)
  • Romeo and Juliet (selected acts)
  • Dead Man Walking (Film)
  • Case studies
  • News articles
  • Twitter (to follow the case)
  • Notebook entries

Black Fish Documentary

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Unit Focus

A Deadly Wandering

Unit Focus
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Teaching philosophy

Reading and Writing strategies

  • Authentic writing instruction, process, and products.

This is done with mentor texts, modeling, notebook time, writing challenges, up-to-date materials, and student input.

  • Choice reading

This is done with teaching students a foundational understanding of genre, novel structures, author information, and book talks.

  • Conferring with students

This is done to create community with students and offer one-on-one feedback and support.