Perserverance From Branch Rickey.

This is about Branch Rickey using perserverance

Where it All Started.

In 1910 Branch Rickey went to a hotel with his baseball team, the manager would not let them stay because of a black player, Charley Thomas, on his team. Rickey made a threat that they would go to another hotel, even when no other hotel would probably let Charley in, he also said that they could put a cot in Rickey’s room so the player could have a place to sleep.

Found on page #289

The Talk of Perserverance.

“We can’t fight our way through this, Robinson. We’ve got no army. There’s virtually nobody on our side. No owners, no umpires, very few newspapermen. And I’m afraid that many fans will be hostile. We’ll be in a tough position. We can win only if we can convince the world that I’m doing this because you’re a great ballplayer and a fine gentlemen.”

Found on page #293

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Losing And Not Giving Up.

Rickey tried to change the rules, he lost that fight. When he came back as the boss of the Brooklyn Dodgers he made plans to get a black baseball player on the team. He wanted someone who wouldn’t give into the violence and name calling from other players and the audience, Rickey did this to change the view of blacks in society.

Found on page #289-290