Recruitment Management Tips

Don't "fall" into a rut with Recruitment Management

Here is a tip that will increase your productivity in Recruitment Management.

Completing the Interview Field.

Entering interview notes and scores in the interview field of recruitment management can be very beneficial. Over time, our applicants may apply multiple times at your location. The interview section of recruitment management can become a valuable source of information. You will be able to look back at the applicant’s interview history. Remember, the written comments are not shared between locations, but HR will have a record and will be happy to share as needed.

1) You can enter single or multiple interviews per applicant for each posting.

2) Scoring the applicant 1-5 will flag good applicants that are not hired for other hiring managers.

3)Comments are saved in your position history. They can help you remember what you liked about an interviewee should they apply for another position in the future.

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Who to Call in HR

· Stephanie Wright – Executive Secretary – Certified Applications – 821-1047

· Kate Barrett – Executive Secretary – Support Staff Applications/Coaches – 821-1037

· Sheila Kelly – Specialist, Substitute Program Services – Long Term Substitutes – 821-1191

· Meredith Falls – Project Manager – Job Posting Questions and Help – 821-1292

· Pam Holsclaw – Pay Assignment Specialist – PCN/FTE Questions – 821-1027