Ned Kelly

By Mary

What is a bushranger?

  • A bushranger is a robber they are the most badsy criminals in the 1800.Ned Kelly real name is Edward kelly.Ned Kelly parents was from ireland.Ned Kelly was a famous bushranger.Ned Kelly was born in Victoria.Ned Ke

Ned Kelly crimes

Ned Kelly's real name was Edward Kelly.He was born in June 1854 and 1855.,His parents came from Ireland. Even when he was a little boy he stole horses. His family were crimals.Ned Kelly learnt to be a bushranger from harry power a old.Ned kelly gang kill a trooper because they were scared that they would die first.

Ned Kelly Life

Ned Kelly family was all ciminal.Red Ned which is Ned father merry a woman named Ellen.Red Ned and Ellen had 3 childen

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Ned Kelly help

Ned Kelly stole 620 pounds he trap lot of troopers and put them in his own cells.Most people said that he is a hero and some said that he is a villen.He held up at the jerildetie bank.Ned Kelly wasa wanted man.the one who found him will be rewarded money.

Ned cupyure

ned kelly gag was kill by many of troopers serrounded the holet 3 of ned kelly gang die .ned kelly was shill alive buthe was heart alot.Ned kelly was caut and was hanhed to death.the treacher toud the trooper where ned was.