Ritalin Abuse

Symptoms and Problems

What Ritalin Is:

Ritalin is a stimulant that, if used legally, is used to treat ADHD. However, since a ton of people have ADHD, it can easily fall into the wrong hands and can be misused or abused.

Ritalin's Short-Term and Long-Term Effects:

Short-term effects are: nausea, apetite loss, faster heart rate, feverish temperatures, panic, irratibility, hallucinations, violence, and seizures.

Long-term effects are: Dying, epilepsy, psychosis (being psychotic), depression, and organ failure(s).

SIgns of Abuse and Street Names to Listen for:

Some signs of abuse are: insomnea, constant state of panic, unusual irratibility, and possibly loopiness. Ritalin also causes a strong psychological dependence

Some street names are: Poor Man's Cocaine, Diet Coke, Smarites, Skittles, R-Ball, Vitamin R, Rids, and Kiddie Cocaine.