Leader in Me Quick Tips

Brought to you from the Synergy Team!

August Tips

Our goal is to provide you with quick and easy tips to help you implement The Leader In Me in your classrooms.

In the video below you can watch Mrs. Hoffman use a Plus/Delta chart in class council. This was a great way to teach students how to Begin With the End In Mind and set a classroom goal!

Plus/Delta Class Council

Using the Language

Until November our school's goal is to get used to using the 7 Habits language in our classrooms. SFA provides many opportunities to use the language. Instead of saying, "work with your teammates," try saying "remember to "synergize with your teammates!"

Also, writing days are a GREAT time to teach Begin with the End in Mind. In SFA, the "End in Mind" is your sample writing piece or your rubric, and then you simply discuss the steps students need to take (their plan) to get to the end. Graphic organizers provide you an easy tool to help teach habit 2!

Hopefully this video will give the younger grades some good ideas for adding songs and hand motions to each habit.

Orange Elementary Leader in Me Song

September PTO

Monday, Sep. 16th, 6pm

7250 Brooks Mill Road

Wirtz, VA

We will be featuring the 7 Habits at this PTO meeting. 3rd and 4th graders will be presenting skits for each habit. We still need some staff volunteers to act out Habit 7 "Sharpen the Saw." Let Lisa or Allison know if you are interested!