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how to root galaxy note 3 at&t

Bootloader is where Android system (Qualcomm Secure Boot) where tinkerers want you and me to avoid from messing up. When the bootloader detects any system images without signing, including root image, ROMs, kernels, modems, and so it rides the void WARRANTY KNOX flag and sets to 0 × 1. untouched status or system default set to "official" even if the warranty counter is set to "0 × 0 "simply means that the phone is still a virgin.

But when you need to install the root it will change its own device and then as stated at Instanaryc follow KNOX void the warranty Hit the "0x1" when you try to put something in the system that the system can allow KNOX security. KNOX own discrete memory is a red-flag reason when he gets written in any doubt boot (kernel), recycling and other system images are not officially designated by Samsung. This is an example of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 System Status changed to Custom and Warranty Void shows KNOX: 0 × 1.

The platform can really see the security when you start your Galaxy Note 3 of Odin download mode screen, and it says that you have switched to custom drive from Official status. When the binary counter tripped off automatically void the warranty smartphone and cause void the warranty KNOX 0 × 1 red flag. The problem is, it is not reversible in some way now, you can not go back to normal status again. The root file is updated and worked on the international Galaxy Note 3 updates (SM-N9005) KitKat.