Freak the Mighty

Darkness and Light By: Jessica Givens

Title to Theme

Darkness and Light is the theme I choose to decribe the title of the book, and the book itself. Freak the Mighty sounds like oxymoron. How someone is called Freak, for being bad or different, is combined with the word Mighty, good and great. Darkness and Light are both different things. Examples in the books are when Max was little, he was sorta like a bully. Now that Kevin comes along, he becomes friendly. Kevin was a short kid who troubles of speaking to get attetion or noticed in a good way, Max was so tall, Kevin sat on his shoulders and he could see the world.

Man vs. Self

Man vs. Self sounds like what the book is about. Kevin (Freak) has to face his fear of death by coming up with a story to make his life sound good. Max is know for his size, height, and who his father is, Killer Kane. Max deals with the fact that he has no friends, until he meets Freak, who helps him with his life with, learning, becoming socialy active, and friendly. It relates to the theme "Darkness and Light" by showing thr bad side of someone's life, but soon becomes good.


Max ia a growing boy who lost his mother, because his father "Killer Kane" killed her after Max was just being born, due to the doctor saying she was going to have a birth defect. Max learns from being a quite, tall, bully, to a helpful, learning person. He finds help from a young boy named Kevin. They have many adventures together. Max's darkness is when he was a bully/mean. His light was when he became good.


Kevin is a young boy who has a disability where his insides grow faster than the outside of his body. He finds away to hide his fear of dying by making up a story that the people at the hospital are making him a bionic body. Kevin is called Freak in the book, because that is what some people call him. Later in the story, Kevin dies. Kevin's darkness is that he will die at a young age due to his disabilety. His light is that he makes himself a story about how the scienctist are making him a bonic body to help him live.

Max and Freak

Max and Freak are very different in many ways, height, strength, knowledge, socialy active, and family. This relates to the theme by showing how bad and good can stay that way, but also change is ways. Max turns to friendly, but doesn't like being social. Kevin like being a smarty, but sometimes being smart can get you in trouble. Both of them together are dearest friends, and they look out for each other.