A land of mystery and adventrue!

Surrounding Countries

England, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Major Landforms

The Grampian Mts, The River Spey, Northern Highlands...

Major Landmarks

Scotland is an incredibly wealthy nation.

major bodies of water

North Atlantic, North Sea, Irish Sea.
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Pound sterling

This is money in scotland.
The life expectancy is 78.8 years , the birth rate is 11.3 , the literacy rate is 99% , and their water source is rain & river water.

About scotland

Traditional clothing include the highland dress.

The main language is english.

A major holiday is May Day.

The main religion is christianity.

Most of the year it is temperate.

Average yearly rainfall is 4577mm.

Average yearly temperature is 51'F

Scotland's history

English invaded Scotland in 1296. in 1707, Scotland became Great Britain.


Both country's have christianity and speak english.

USA is bigger in EVERYTHING.

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