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Buying Winter Boots

Since your body has the hardest time regulating the temperature of extremities like your hands and feet a good pair of winter boots is a necessity for staying warm this winter. However, different kinds of winter weather and activities call for different pairs of winter boots. Here's a list of what kind of boots are out there and what kind of wear they're intended for, courtesy of eBay. Use a discounted gift card from Giftcardrescue for stores like Payless Shoe Source and save today!

Snow boots are specifically designed to be worn in snowy conditions. They're waterproof and fit over the cuffs of one's pants, protecting the entire lower leg from getting wet. Snow boots are a good choice when deep drifts of snow will be involved. However, they do not necessarily have the right traction for steep winter hiking trails, when winter hiking boots would be a better choice.

Pac boots are designed to be as warm as possible, boasting a liner, usually woolen, that is separate from the rest of the boot. The liner allows the foot to breathe while retaining heat. They're made with durable leather or rubber soles which provide good traction on snow and ice, while a leather upper provides both insulation and flexibility. These qualities make pac boots ideal for activities like ice fishing and snowshoeing.

Winter Hiking Boots are beefed-up versions of standard hiking boots specifically designed to keep feet warm and dry while preventing them from sliding around on icy terrain. Invest in a pair of these if your all-season hiking boots can't quite stand up to the task of wintertime hiking.

Rain Boots are the go-to footwear for warmer climates, where winter translates to "rainy season". These rubber or PVC boots keep feet dry in wet conditions without any unnecessary liners or soles made for traction. Even less temperate winters can be traversed comfortably by wearing a thick pair of socks under rain boots.

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