Haadiyah Johnson

A Colonial Apothecary

My Life as a Colonial Person

Good morrow my name is Haadiyah Johnson and I am a Colonial Apothecarist. I am 22 years old. My husband Noah Johnson is also a Colonial Apothecarist. My cousins are Emmanuel Johnson, Fatima Johnson, Aryan Sanders, Ryan Cullins Ryan Livingston and Crystal Jackson. My friend Roshni Morris is a Glass blower. I have two children. Their names are Emily Johnson and Daniel Johnson. I live in the colony of Boston. I live in a brick house. It is very big. My family and I are very wealthy that is why our house is very big.

I am an Apothecarist. I treat patients, make and prescribe medicines, make house calls, and teach appearances. I provide services and goods, because I treat patients that is a service and I make medicine for people that is a good. I learned to diagnose medical conditions and compound medications through an apprenticeship

I use many tools. These are some of them, a lancet is a small knife to draw blood, scrapers to clean their teeth, weight and a scale, and a mortar and pestle. These are the things that an Apothecarist uses.

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